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  • Model: V16RCA

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T-Spec's v16 Series of premium RCA cables feature locking connectors that create solid, continuous pressure providing a secure and reliable connection with the highest quality signal transfer. The v16 RCAs are designed and engineered for Hi-Res audio performance. The gold plated copper RCA tips also have enamel painted color bands that are durable and used for identification. For ultimate sound performance, large 26-gauge oxygen-free copper core strands handle the deepest bass frequencies while the higher frequencies skim along the silver-plated surface. This combination carries even the most demanding signals without altering or coloring, resulting in true audio reproduction.

Lesser quality cables are continuously bombarded with electrical and magnetic pollution that reduce clarity by injecting noise into the signal. T-Spec's v16 Series construction prevents this from happening with three separate layers that have been integrated to trap, isolate and reject both transmitted and electromagnetic pollution, allowing the signal to travel noise-free. A woven cotton mesh shield protects the cable and reduces friction during installation.

  • > Gold-plated copper RCA tips with continuous locking barrel
  • > Enamel painted color bands for durable identification
  • > 26AWG oxygen-free copper core for maximum bass
  • > Silver plating for true midrange and high-frequency fidelity
  • > M-jacket insulates each channel separately
  • > Non-conductive cotton filler
  • > Polyethylene foam insulated jacket
  • > Aluminum-faced mylar foil for EMI rejection
  • > 85% coverage braided tinned copper for emitted noise rejection
  • > PVC outer jacket for strength and flexibility
  • > Woven cotton cable shield

Length Options Available:


18 IN 0.45 M V16RCA-1-52
3 FT 0.91 M V16RCA-32
6 FT 1.83 M V16RCA-62
10 FT 3.05 M V16RCA-102
17 FT 5.18 M V16RCA-172
M-2 1F-2M V16RCA-Y1
F-2 1M-2F V16RCA-Y2


17 FT 5.18 M V16RCA-174
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