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v6 SERIES - VIDEO CABLES Double Layer Woven Coaxial

  • Model: V6RCA-V

v6 SERIES VIDEO CABLES Double Layer Woven Coaxial

Many people make the rookie mistake of using an audio cable for video but the fact is the application requires a totally different product. T-Spec has you covered with a complete line of video cables designed for optimum performance. Each T-Spec video cable features increased insulation to isolate sensitive video gear from outside interference. These video-specific 75-Ohm cables also use an ultra-compact molded ABS end and feature the same proprietary PVC blended jacket used on our popular RCA audio cables.

  • > Double layer woven coaxial design for increased noise rejection
  • > Ultra-flexible PVC blended jacket
  • > High tolerance compact molded ABS end
  • > Dual split tip for maximum contact area
  • > Packaged in resealable retail polybag

Length Options Available:

3 FT 0.91 M V6RCA-31V
6 FT 1.83 M V6RCA-61V
9 FT 2.74 M V6RCA-91V
12 FT 3.65 M V6RCA-121V
17 FT 5.18 M V6RCA-171V
20 FT 6.10 M V6RCA-201V
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