The T-Spec goal is to bring innovation and value to every product in this revolutionary new line of car audio accessories. T-Spec products feature high levels of engineering with the installer in mind while using only the finest materials available. This combination provides maximum performance in all price ranges. The T-Spec product offering features 4 levels of value and performance:

V6 Level Performance V8 Level Performance V10 Level Performance V12 Level Performance V16 Level Performance
Lower Price with
Little Compromise
Best Mix of Value
and Performance
High End without
the High Price
Top of the Line -
Our Best Products
High Resolution


The T-Spec goal is to bring innovation and value to every product and this new series of RCA cables is no exception. T-Spec RCA cables feature high levels of noise rejection resulting from meticulous build quality using only the finest materials available. This combination provides maximum performance in all price ranges. And all T-Spec RCA cables feature a proprietary ultra-flexible PVC jacket that is so durable it is BC-5W2 marine compliant.

RCA Audio Cables

v16 RCA Audio Cable Technology

RCA Audio Cables


Fusing an aftermarket car stereo system provides protection for your car and your car stereo. No fuse system provides better protection than T-Spec. The new T-Spec compact brass designs are constructed from solid brass and are smaller than anything else in the industry. This combination of top quality materials and thoughtful design provides an incredibly reliable and simple to install product that will last for years.

  Compact Brass Cables
Compact Brass Features


The performance of your car audio system is only as good as its weakest link. Many wire companies today will have you believe that a cheap cable will save you money and get the job done but the truth is that below-specification cables will rob current from your amplifier reducing power output by as much as 50%!!! T-Spec has once again chosen to take the high road with a full line of ABOVE SPEC cables that exceed CEA and ANSI specifications for gauge size. V12 above-spec wire is an industry-first providing greater current capability for your stereos sensitive electronics.

  Spooled Bulk Wire


Such a high-end line of car audio products deserves packaging that is just as cool. T-Spec’s full line looks amazing on the shelf with icon-based level differentiators, boxes with UV coatings and custom windows. The bulk and V6 series come in a beautiful resealable retail polybag that looks great next to the higher level boxes. All together, it’s a very impressive planogram.

  T-Spec Packaging


Tinned vs Bare Copper Wire

Why Choose Tinned Copper Wire?

It won't turn green.

You can use it in any off-road or outdoor vehicle and the wire will not corrode, oxidize and turn green. For under the hood wiring, this is ideal! You also won't be making any compromises by using tinned copper inside a vehicle for wiring amps and speakers.

It lasts much longer than bare copper and is just as conductive.

The thin layer of tin helps the wire resist corrosion, which can make it last up to 10 times longer than its non-tinned counterpart.

It's easy to solder.

The fact that solder is mainly tin (which makes tinned wire much easier to solder) is a great explanation of why T-Spec's v10 Series wire is superior. If it wasn't the best form of electrical connection we wouldn't use it when connecting two wires or building circuit boards.

Understanding Product Terms

100% Virgin OFC versus Recycled Copper:

The copper being used in T-Spec's v10 tinned wire is 100% Virgin Oxygen Free Copper. Keep in mind that other competitors use recycled copper. When you tin recycled copper the tin doesn't hold onto the copper and flakes off. T-Spec's wire will not do that. If your customers have any doubts have them take a razor blade and scrape the tin off the wire, the copper will show through if it isn't virgin copper.

Tinned and Copper Speaker Wire

Fully Tinned Copper Speaker Wire:

It is important to clarify if a product is fully tinned. Sometimes you see only the tips of the wires tinned. This is not the case with T-Spec's v10 Series, the entire wire is fully tinned copper. This provides the full benefits of using tinned copper instead of just marketing jargon.

  Example Speaker Wire

When comparing copper wire products, be sure to pay attention to these terms!