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v10 SERIES - 1/0 AWG 5200W Rated AMP KIT with RCA Cables

  • Model: V10-AK1

v10 SERIES 1/0 AWG 5200W Rated AMP KIT with RCA Cables

In a “one size fits all” world it is rare to see a company provide a wide range of options. The team at T-Spec understands how difficult it can be to find just the right product for your application. That is why the new T-Spec amp kit line features 28 different models to cover nearly every price, power and performance level imaginable! T-Spec amp kits utilize the finest materials to ensure maximum performance and hassle-free installation.

    > Meets CEA and ANSI specification for wire gauge
    > Full virgin copper construction
    > Fully tinned wire
    > High strand count for maximum flexibility
    > BC-5W2 marine compliant RCA, speaker, power and ground wire
    > Compact brass fusing and distribution


    > 17FT V10 1/0 AWG full tinned OFC pearl multi-strand power wire
    > 3FT V10 1/0 AWG full tinned OFC black multi-strand ground wire
    > 17FT 18 AWG full tinned OFC blue remote turn-on wire
    > 17FT V10 noise rejecting dual-twist RCA cable with precision machined ends and quad-split tip
    > Compact brass ANL fuse holder with 250A fuse
    > Nickel plated 1/0 AWG seamed crimp ring terminal with 8.5mm hole and silver boot connected at battery end and grey boot connected at ground
    > 1/0 AWG spade terminals with silver and black boots for amp connection
    > Miscellaneous connectors, terminals and wire ties
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