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RCA Cables
Featuring high levels of noise rejection resulting from meticulous build quality using only the finest materials available.
Amp Kits
T-Spec’s amp installation kits cover nearly every price, power, and performance level imaginable for hassle-free installation.
PowerSports & Marine Amp Kits
Competition-grade amplifier installation kits built for harsh off-road and marine environments.
Bulk Wire
An industry-leading full line of above-spec wire providing greater current capability for your sensitive electronics.
Battery Terminals
Constructed from solid brass for maximum conductivity with an industry-first flat black finish.
Fuse Holders
T-Spec’s fuse holders are designed with installer-friendly features and protect both the vehicle and aftermarket car stereo system.
Distribution Blocks
T-Spec’s low-profile designs are the most compact in the industry and constructed with solid brass for maximum conductivity.
T-Spec capacitors improve electrical system performance by providing a buffer between the alternator and amplifier.
Ring / Spade Terminals
Heavy-duty black and nickel-plated terminals ensure maximum power flow to your electronics when paired with T-spec wire.
T-Spec provides competition-quality ANL, MANL, and AGU nickel-plated fuses with every amperage option needed.
Circuit Breakers
T-Spec uses top-quality materials with thoughtful designs to provide an incredibly reliable and easy to install product that will last for years.
Eye-catching in-store displays, apparel and merchandise will take your retail experience to the next level.
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T-SPEC’s VBDB4 is a unique distribution block that combines the most practical, sophisticated features in its class with the highest performance on the market to unleash the full power of a car audio system. Premium construction and materials allow for a highly conductive block with 5mm thick solid brass bus bars and a satin gunmetal finish, with dual 0/1 ground inputs to match the dual 0/1 positive inputs. This block also has a built-in amplification relay for boosting the current rating of the amplifier turn-on wire, distributing it across all 4 outputs. The 4 mated outputs group remote, 4ga power, and 4ga ground together for quick identification, and an anti-short sub-cover isolates the returning ground bar and terminals. A Blown Fuse Indicator (BFI) LED light for each circuit indicates which fuse to replace and 3 rapid replacement spare MANL fuse locations built into the case make replacement simple and easy. A TPE wrapped soft-touch cover completes the high-end look for this premium performance distribution block.

  • Dual 0/1 AWG positive in
  • Dual 0/1 AWG negative in
  • (4) Mated 4 AWG output sets with remote distribution
  • Built-in amplification relay for boosting the current rating of the amplifier turn-on wire, distributing it across all 4 outputs
  • Anti-short sub-cover to isolate the ground bar and terminals
  • (4) Independently MANL fused positive circuits
  • Blown Fuse Indicator (BFI) LED for each circuit
  • (3) Rapid replacement spare MANL fuse locations built inside the case
  • One tool for hardware installation using T-SPEC T20 Torx® screws with Gate Lock technology
  • Satin gunmetal finished 5mm brass bus bars for power and ground distribution
  • TPE wrapped soft-touch cover with modern aesthetics

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